The One Percent Solution

Saucier + Flynn is an active member of The 1% Solution program. The 1% Solution grew out of a realization that while design professionals are often quite generous with their donated time, pro bono service was never encouraged as a fundamental obligation of professional standing—or as an integral component of a healthy business model. Inspired in large part by the legal profession's decades-old commitment to pro bono service, Phase One of the 1% Solution will establish a baseline for existing public interest work and pro bono service, with an ultimate goal of increasing the quality and quantity of that work. Phase Two will establish an online forum to match nonprofit organizations and communities in need with architecture firms and related design professionals. With the cooperation of participating firms, the goal of the 1% Solution is to direct one percent of all working hours to matters of public interest through pro bono service.

Working with local governments, not-for-profits and other community volunteer organizations, Saucier + Flynn has pledged a minimum of 100 hours of community related pro bono service to assisted in the planning and design of public spaces. To learn more of how Saucier + Flynn might assist you in your project, please contact Bill Flynn. Please note the 1% Solution in the subject heading and we will immediately respond to your query.